Thursday, April 9, 2020

What Now?

This morning while I was cutting up fruit for my oatmeal, I found myself choking back tears. Not my usual morning ritual, but I couldn't ignore what I was feeling.

Yesterday Bernie Sanders dropped out of the 2020 Presidential Race. The only man  who wanted to fight for us. What now?

Well look around. We are in the midst of a  global pandemic. Roughly 16 million people in our nation are out of work, which also means losing their heathcare coverage. And that's not including those whose suffered pay cuts and can no longer afford their private heath insurance ( I.E. people like me). 

And were we, as a nation, ready for this pandemic? Abso-fucking-lutely not. In 2018, our current president of the United States proprosed to CUT funding for the  Center of Disease Control and Provention (CDC).  He may not have received approval for the exact percecntage he proposed, but cuts were still made. Why? To allocate more money for corrupt government contracts. Couldn't possibly be to save considering the national debt keeps rising at an unsustainable rate (looking at you fiscally conservative republicans, lol)... Cutting social programs does not save money when we're wasting trillions on phony no bid contracts. Immediate and self profit over the health of our nation is the status quo.

I want to believe our Federal Government is currently making it's "best efforts" to handle this terrible situation, but come on. I also want to believe one day I'll be able to fly.

I am tired. Tired of rich-entitled white men making decisions that won't affect them (or others like them) personally. I am also angry. Angry that we sit around and let this happen. Yeah, people claimed Bernie was a "radical" choice for United States President, but he was willing to fight for the people.  

I don't know what the election of 2020 will hold for us, but I am scared. Scared for myself, for others out there like me, and those suffering worse. 

So I sit here and ask myself again, "What now?"

Til next time, 


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