Thursday, October 3, 2019

Helpful Hobbies

Well I survived. I was nervous, but I did it. The morning after my last post, I went to the park with my boxing team for a workout. So, I got my human interaction and something more important.

It led to me boxing everyday that week. I was still a little lonely, but a lot less. Doing something physical completely shifted my focus. I was no longer consumed by my thoughts. And when it was time for bed, I was so physically exhausted that I just passed out without the help of my dear friend melatonin.

I'm learning a valuable lesson: the importance of having a hobbie. One besides reading and binge watching Netflix. And also a hobbie that's not directly related to my career path. As much as I love my day job and acting, I sometimes need an escape. I am the kind of person who overworks, and when I'm done it feels like there is nothing left. Well now there is. There's boxing. Something I can focus on while I'm there and practice in my free time.

It's helping tremendously with my anxiety as well. The workout is both physically and mentally intense. It's a learning process. I feel my body and mind getting stronger. Insecurity plays such a big part of my anxiety, but as my confidence in boxing grows, so does my confidence in everyday life.

For those of you out there looking for an escape too, I highly recomend taking up a physical hobbie. Dance, yoga, boxing, volleyball, running- anything. Especially that sport you always thought of trying, but was intimidated by. If it can help crazy ole me, it will certainly help you.

Til next time,



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