Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Email FAIL

I recently read a Buzzfeed acticle that had me LOLing.

"19 Emails I Can't Believe Students and Professors Actually Sent Each Other."

Let's make that number an even 20.

My junior year of college I was taking a psychology course. We had an assignment to write a paper using the knowledge we learned in class and apply it to the work place. I found a great article that I was super stoked to use as my reference. Couldn't wait to send it to my professor.

I was confused by his response. "Am I missing something from this article?" Oh, did I mention that I was also on Facebook at the time? Nope? Well this is the "article" I ACTUALLY sent to my professor. 

A lookbook of over 90 styles by Ariana Grande. AND my phone screen was broken so I couldn't even email him back until the next day. So my professor assumed that all I learned in class was how perfect Ariana Grande is. 


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