Friday, July 12, 2019

Summer Expectations

About two weeks into July, and it's finally starting to feel like summer. 

This beautifully hot weather makes me want to do so much more than nap- which is my usual pastime. So what to do!

Work. Oh. Yeah that's a thing. 

I have these expectations of what summer should be versus what it actually is. Lately, I've been battling some social media envy. My Instagram feed is filled with European adventures, beach bums, and bikini pictures.  While you won't see me doing any of these things- trust me you do not want to see me in a bikini right now (maybe a tankini if you're lucky) - summer doesn't have to be an Instagram-perfect picture. It's all about enjoying the beautiful season. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy seeing what my friends are up to, I just need to stop comparing their lives to mine. 

And that goes for all of you out there. Don't get jealous of other people's lives on social media, like I did. Pictures show us what the person wants to show us. Of course the vacations are going to look glamorous. Don't sweat it. You're probably sweating enough in this heat. 

So I will continue my sweaty subway rides and work days in hopes that I will go on vacation myself. Maybe for my birthday... ( JULY 28TH MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!!) We all deserve a little get away, whether we post it or not. 

Til next time, 


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