Tuesday, March 12, 2019

And So It Begins

After fives days in California, my vacation is now over and I find myself cold and hungry.

Literally not figuratively-  it's still cold in New York, and I ate a lot of treats.

So the fun isn't necessarily over,  but it's crunch time. Adult time. As much as I would like to spend the days cuddled in my bed, reality has waken me up. Time to find a job. Time to find acting gigs. Easy right?

Ha Ha.

Okay so finding work has never really been a problem of mine. I'm a very diligent and focused worker so I just need to show future employers that. I spent most of my day updating my resume, and looking for potential occupations. Though many try to stray me against it, I would like to work in the restaurant industry. I need to be always moving and talking to people- it's just who I am- and that field has made the best click in the past.

Acting work, however, will be more difficult. I need new head shots, update that particular resume, and work on my reel. I need to find casting workshops and a way to get my face out there.That will obviously take more than one day so that's still a work in progress. Keep me in your prayers please.

Til Next Time,


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