Wednesday, February 27, 2019

New York- Take Two

I told yas I'd be back. From the bumping Heights to the quiet streets of Scranton, I was patient. I lived my life,  saved money, and waited for my next move. Now, I sit typing in my new bed looking over the city if Brooklyn. And let me tell ya, I couldn't be happier.

Why do I think this time will be different? Because I'm different. What's the plan? The plan is no plan. And sometimes that's the best kind.  I grew more in the past year than I did throughout my entire life. I worked hard, was let down, and thought everything was over. Those tears weren't unwarranted. I lost, but I gained strength. Life will be hard, but I survived what I thought was the worst. I'm looking now through different lenses, and I'm not scared anymore. I'm ready for whatever this city decides to throw my way. And I'm excited for it, too.

I have so many adventures and challenges ahead of me so I'm going to take these next few days to let it sink it. Truly enjoy the fact that I am here. I have to remind myself I deserve this. I deserve to be happy. Like I said, I'm ready for it. All of it. So let the fun begin.

Til next time,


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