Friday, August 10, 2018

Sweet Bird of Youth

Oh youth, how we are all drawn to you. As silly as it may sound, turning 25 made me feel as if my youth is slipping through my fingers.

*Applies a thick layer of Clinique anti-aging eye cream.*

Even though it's inevitable, aging seems to scare a lot of people. Oddly, it's not the fact that we are getting closer to death that frightens us, but the loss of youth that does. Being young is associated with strong bodies and minds, fresh skin, and endless opportunities. Who wants to lose that?

Fear of being replaced also comes to play here. "Somebody younger is going to come and take my place." This is very common in my field. Actors tend to fear the younger, energetic versions of themselves that are waiting in line to replace them.

Why let this consume our minds though? There's nothing we can do about it. People always say again is just a number, and it really is. It's a part of life ready to be embraced. There may be younger actresses lined up to take my place, but my anti-aging cream and I are not going anywhere. Aging means growing-  experiencing and learning more. Positivity and eagerness don't have to go away at a certain age. With the right attitude, we can all be young souls. Aging can be sweet too if you think about it in the right perspective. 

Since I've turned 25, I've traveled with friends, climbed (and fell out of) the trees in my backyard,  and was scolded by my mother for it. I guess 25 doesn't have to be so old. And neither do any of us. 

Forever young, 


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