Thursday, May 31, 2018

Ice Scream

Pints of ice cream. Who came up with that? It's basically inviting us to overeat "A smaller ice cream carton- typically for one!" Small enough that it makes you want to eat it all. IN ONE SITTING. EVERY TIME.  Four servings, you say? More like fore minutes to finish!

...okay I may be talking about my own life here, but the overall message is clear.

I love ice cream so much, but pints of ice cream are dangerous. I will get some yummy PB cup from my boyfriends Ben and Jerry only to find it gone as soon as I open it. Does anyone else have this problem??? Or am I alone here? Furthermore, I believe pints should no long exist unless they are made for one human (or animal I guess?) in one sitting. Like Halo- they are doing it right! Healthly-ish pints of ice cream! Maybe I will go get one of those...

Okay this post was basically a way for me to get my unhealthy addiction to ice cream off my chest. A huge thanks to those who read this, and I hope any opinions of me haven't been tainted due to this burden I was carrying.

Til next time,


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