Monday, April 16, 2018

The Waiting Game

I quietly wait for Gracie to come out. Any sudden movement or noise startles her. She still hasn't let me pet her and resides under my bed. However, at night she does come out to play. She has a plethora of toys scattered throughout my room that also are waiting for her. When I'm still awake sometimes we play with her favorite toy- feather on a stick- and she'll even sniff my hand.

Hey it's a start.

So here I sit. Patiently waiting with tea in one hand and the feather toy in the other in case she comes out.

I wonder what is going through her little brain. She went through a lot before I got her. Other cats attacking her, isolation, and more. This created some serious anxiety and trust issues.

Well Gracie, that makes two of us. As a human with severe anxiety, one of the major things I want is  for people to be patient with me. So that is exactly what I am going to do for her. She's only a little kitty so a lot has to make her nervous. She'll come around when she is ready, and I will be right there.

Oh, the life of having a cat who lives under your bed.

Til next time.


PS: After I typed this, she did come out! Here is the beautiful fluffy baby. 💗🐱

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