Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Pumped Up Kicks

"Better run, better run, out run my gun."

Too bad you can't out run AR15s.

When Foster the People sang those eerie lyrics back in 2010, I was shocked by the true message of the catchy, upbeat song. "Thank God stuff like that doesn't really happen, just on TV."

Fast-forward eight years and yeah it still happens on television, but mainly the news. School shootings have been an almost daily occurrence. Turn on TV, and it is everywhere. And that is just school shootings I'm talking about- other mass shootings are increasing as well. It's disgusting. Devastating. What changed? Or better yet, what needs to?

Gun control.

Marches are taking place everywhere- even in my own little city Scranton. It's more than political parties. It's more than the 2nd Amendment. It's more than a couple of tragedies. It's about LIVES. People across our country are dying everyday because guns are getting into the hands of the wrong individuals. I accept that we have the right to own guns, but not everyone and not assault weapons. Something needs to be done. Kids should be worrying about prom or cheer tryouts, not potential shootings.

I don't know what I can do personally about gun control, but I know I have a voice, and I can vote. And this voice can support the marchers and individuals suffering. This voice can say our government needs to act because it will only get worse.

So let's keep marching. Keep speaking out. US Government, what action are you going to take to help keep our people safe?

We will be waiting. But don't take your time.

My heart goes out to all those suffering injuries and losses due to these types of shootings. Especially you, Parkland.

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