Thursday, December 21, 2017

Home and the Holidays

I survived December in New York City. More importantly, I survived December working in retail and fine dining in New York City.  *pause and takes a bow*

It was an physically, emotionally, and mentally-demanding month, but I loved every second of it. Living here during the holiday season is as magical as the movies make it seem. Yeah, the rude Grinch-like humans still exist and want to crush your Christmas cheer, but the trick is to ignore them. There is so much happening all the time that it is so easy to switch your focus- yeah that woman almost knocked me over with her Macy's bags, but look at that adorable little boy giving a homeless man $2. 

Maybe my optimistic holiday outlook also has to do with the fact that I got my wish this year. On Christmas Eve I will be leaving the concrete jungle and traveling to the evergreens of PA to spend Christmas with my family. This is something I was not expecting- especially with the industries I work in.  

I find myself day-dreaming of the gluten-free cheese balls (meatless meatballs), buffalo chicken dip, and endless delicious food that awaits me. My Cheerios and coffee diet may favor my wallet, but not my belly. I cannot wait to snuggle my Diva and dress her up in her  Xmas sweater. What I look forward to the most, though, is watching the Christmas episode of SpongeBob at my Aunt's and seeing if I can still quote the whole thing.

I'm a sap for the holidays. I know it, and now so do all of you. Being away from home makes me truly appreciate those little things, I hope everyone out there is able to do the same. Presents are overrated, family is not. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Til next time,


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