Thursday, October 19, 2017

These Changes Ain't Changing Me

I MADE IT!! I am finally in New York City. asfkfljldkjfakldfjsd

I call Washington Heights my home. Cozy and freshly decorated, it's starting to feel that way.

I'm not a movie start just yet, but only two weeks in so I still have some time hehe. ;)
However, I couldn't leave my retail roots. I never realized how much I liked it. I am working at American Eagle Outfitters on 34th Street Herald Square. It is higher volume than what I am used to, but all the more reason to love it. AND THANK GOD I MISSED SCHOOL PANTS SEASON.

I had some really cool experiences during my first two shifts. I was helping a customer, getting shirt from display for him and giving my honest opinion of the joggers he tried on. While I ringing him out, he asked where I was from. He told me he has not seem the energy and genuine kindness I showed him in a long time. I was just doing my job, but that comment meant a lot to me. Something similar happened when another shopper noticed my semi-permanent smile. "Don't lose that. Ever."

I don't plan on it.

No matter what is thrown my way, I will always do my job to my best ability. Wherever I go in life I
will hold on to how I was brought up: Always approach situations with optimism and then go from there. Thanks Mary Lynn and Teej.

I will let the elderly woman have my seat on the subway. I will smile and chat with people on the elevator. I will hold the door and still say "God Bless you when someone sneezes. New York city doesn't have to mean a completely new Natalie.

I hope this can reach others. The city can give off a cold and distant vibe sometimes, but you don't have to fall into that trap. Watch yourself, and do not let a new location change who you are. Chin up, and stay true to yourself.

Til Next Time,


Ps. I took that picture from my balcony. 😊

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