Friday, September 15, 2017

Perks of Being a Freeloader

I lost of huge part of me yesterday. I just hope my hair didn't clog the drain as bad as it covered the shower walls. Maybe I should start brushing it more...

So yeah, still living at home with good-ole ma and pa. Due to some very unfortunate events, the NYC move fell through twice. Twice. But hey, third times the charm right?
         *insert exhausted laughter and eye twitch here*

 The bags under my eyes, same outfit for three days, and unwashed/disheveled hair, indicate how I am doing physically, mentally, and emotionally.  God bless my parents though. They keep a roof over my head and gluten-free goodies in my belly. I honestly don't know how they put up with my weird, dramatic, Dorito-hoarding antics. For real though, I hoard Doritos. When my dad comes home from the store this is what usually goes down.

"Hey Dad! Ya got anything for me?"
"YEAH! Yogurt and bananas!"
"No... you know what I mean." Because my family members are also sluts for Doritos.
"Oh... yes. *looks around* I put one bag down the cellar," as he passes the second bag towards me.

We exchange winks and that bag goes into my winter scarf bag basket under my bed, even though it's  technically still summer.

Ah, the perks.

Til next time,


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