Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cat Party

My sister works at Boscov's. By "works" I mean eats, sleeps, breathes, and loves The 'Cov. She is a rare and beautiful soul that you don't come across everyday. That is why I must share this story.

Gus was working the other night, and a woman came to check her registry list. She asked her, "What's it for?" The woman preceded gush about a new kitten she was getting and told her she was having a party to celebrate its first night home.

Did I mention my sister is an aspiring cat lady?

Gus thought this was so adorable and printed out the registry papers. Her excitement disappeared as she saw crushed look on the woman's face.

No one had bought anything.

Gus tried to console her, saying maybe her friends got her stuff at Target or Walmart. The woman shook her head and told her that her friends are Boscovs' regulars and workers, so she only registered here. Gus told her to keep her chin up because there still was some time before the party, but the woman left the store sad, nonetheless.

She printed her own copy to find that the items the woman wanted were simple cute, and inexpensive cat essentials. So she clocked out and bought as many gifts as she could, including a fancy bed the lady did not register for and beautiful picture frame that said "I Love My Cat." She had everything gift wrapped and told them to ship the package straight  to the woman's house.

She signed the card, "From Your Friends at Boscovs."

That little kitty is lucky to have that woman for an owner, and the world is lucky to have people like Gus. Al Boscov would be proud.

P.S. Word has it that the Cat Party was a success!

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