Friday, August 25, 2017

Reputation pt. 1

Reputations are important. They do not define you, but definitely play a vital role in how the public perceives a person. Reputations can take years to establish yet be demolished by the slightest blow. Have you ever built up a positive reputation and had it taken away at the blink of the eye?

I have. And certainly has Taylor Swift.

Her new single was released today, and I could not be more excited and satisfied by it. I didn't just give it a quick listen and say, "YAY THIS IS GREAT BECAUSE I LOVE TALYOR!!!! WOOOO FJASKDFFAKL."  I put it on repeat. Listened to the lyrics. Gave them thought. Even related them to myself. I put myself in Taylor's shoes.

There comes a point where no matter what people say about you, it is impossible to change their minds. Instead of pleading for those who hate to be on your side, take the frustration and run with it.  The media and other celebrities seem to go out of their way to make Taylor Swift look bad- more so than I have seen with any other celebrity. She made the bold choice to fight back by no longer giving a damn what they say and turning that negativity into something positive: the art of songwriting. I respect her for that.

****Notice how I used the word "art." Music is an art. Songwriting is an art. Art is a creative outlet for those to express their emotions- commonly inspired by personal experiences and encounters. Just throwing that out there for all of you who have forgotten.

She has not come out with any official statements  saying who/what inspired the recent song and upcoming album, but most can fill in the blanks. However, art is subjective. We can sit around all spewing the specific digs or implications in the song, but at the end of the day she is the only one who truly knows.

Haters are going to hate and lovers are going to love. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion obviously, but sometimes it is valuable to actually challenge those opinions and think outside the walls of ignorance. Give it a try. I did, and it gave me the confidence to voice mine. My points are valid and not based on everything the media tells me.

There will be a part two to this post, but focused more on me rather than Taylor. She deserves the focus today, though. Stay tuned.

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