Thursday, June 22, 2017

Do those chairs bring you joy?

Living at home has led me to a scary realization:  I am a stage 5 hoarder. Notebooks from high school, stuffed animals, broken makeup brushes, clothes that definitely do not fit me anymore, etc. I try to justify this by thinking, "Maybe one day I will need to use calculus again!"

I won't.

The help I have turned to is from Emily Gilmore (grandmother from Gilmore Girls). When her husband passed away, she became obsessed with a concept in a book that told her, "Does it bring you joy? If not, out it goes!"

I took this advice and ran with it. Maybe not to the extreme that she did- getting rid of most of her possessions- but letting go of things that I have been holding on to if they no longer have sentimental value to me. It felt pretty good. I am not completely done, but the idea of letting go of unnecessary possessions from the past opened my eyes to a bigger picture.

Maybe the materials from the past aren't the only things I am holding onto. As I got rid of what I no longer need in my room, I began to start letting go of thoughts and memories from the past. I felt myself slowly losing guilt, anger, and memories that no longer brought me joy. Now I'm not saying this is a fool-proof remedy for letting go, but it still felt refreshing.

Keep those possessions and thoughts that make you happy. That doesn't mean need to completely erase them from your life, and mind- it just helped me get rid of some clutter in my room, and my head.

Give it a try. Do those chairs really bring you joy?

Til next time,


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