Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Leftover Chinese? More like leftover HIBACHI TONIGHT!!! (thanks mom and dad)

Now, I have voiced my opinion on this matter before, however, I believe this is the right time to make it public: We need an Extra Medium. (XM)

There is an extra small if one is a little smaller than small (even XXS) and an extra large for those larger than large ( also XXL and +).  So what about the average Joe's stuck in the middle? What if they need a little more medium?!

Okay, not sold? Let me give you a perfect example showing the method to my madness.

Many stores' sizes run a little different, but generally when I shop I get a size medium. I'm 5'4", average build, and like my clothes to fit comfortably. My older sister Gus also wears a medium. She is two inches shorter than me and has a slightly different build, but is a medium.

HOWEVER, borrowing each other's clothes is where the trouble ensues. We switch dresses sometimes and the ones that are too short on me are the perfect length on her. I can't get a large though because I know it would be too baggy everywhere else. I find myself saying, "AH I just wish this medium was a little bit longer." Now with tops, I will put on a medium and be like, " WOW I look great!" Then when I give it to her, it's too tight in the bosom area. And for those days when it's us ladies' "time of the month," trust me, we all need a little extra room.

Smalls are sometimes a little too small and larges a little too large. Yet, what do we do when the medium doesn't work either?

"Extra Medium (XM), for those days when you're feeling a little extra medium." *holds up coffee cup with slightly creepy grin*

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