Saturday, September 3, 2016


September is here, and it has officially hit me that I am no longer a student. I am an “adult.” Living in lala land all summer was nice and waking up into this reality is hitting hard. Some of us may be off to new cities, starting graduate school, or like me, living with mom and dad. Not paying rent is very helpful and I know how lucky I am, but I can’t help feeling stuck. Following my dreams of being a successful actor seems to be slipping through the palms of my sweaty hands. 
Like many of you out there, I am overwhelmed with debt. Going to a nice private university was great and all, but paying it back is more than I bargained for. So instead of living in the Big Apple and auditioning for everything and anything, I am now working two jobs, and trying not to lose my mind. Coffee helps. A lot. And so does eating a carton of Goldfish before bed. 
Artistic outlets are hard to balance/get right now. I am working on a local production with amazing people, I color daily, and of course this - writing. My advice to all is to take advantage of opportunities like these, and also any left over food you can get your hands on. Oh and watch Stranger Things. #TeamBarb
Well I guess this is growing up. 
Til next time, 

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