Friday, September 30, 2016

Coffee Coffee Coffee

Happy Belated-National Coffee Day!!

For those of you who don't drink caffeinated beverages: I salute you, I respect you, but I could never be you. 

Hi, my name is Natalie Walsh, and I am addicted to coffee. But really. Physically, emotionally, psychologically, etc. When I wake up in the morning the first thought that enters my groggy mind is "Coffee." So I  have my three cups of Joe, and then I am off to work/other daily duties. In a perfect world, I would be off with a large hot pumpkin coffee from Dunkin' Donuts with just cream, but we all can't afford that luxury daily (and by "we" I mean "me"). 

I notice that I'm not alone in my caffeine addiction. My parents, co-workers, friends, and the strangers I see in line all seem to have this in common. Hey... maybe this something that could bring us together: We all need coffee. Maybe this is the one thing that can unite us all. Coffee lovers aren't distinguished by race, class, religion (except Mormons, sorry), gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or anything like that. WE ALL NEED COFFEE! This is basic human need can end prejudice, injustice, racism, war- plus give us the energy to do so! 

*cheers and shouts in the background*

... Caffeine is considered a drug though. Hmm. Maybe I should be looking into the fact that all those people are suffering from a serious addiction and the dependency issues involved...

BUT NOT TODAY! NOT AFTER NATIONAL COFFEE DAY! I'm going to get my large coffee now because it's a holiday so I can an excuse to splurge. I will think about the consequences another time.





Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Leftover Chinese? More like leftover HIBACHI TONIGHT!!! (thanks mom and dad)

Now, I have voiced my opinion on this matter before, however, I believe this is the right time to make it public: We need an Extra Medium. (XM)

There is an extra small if one is a little smaller than small (even XXS) and an extra large for those larger than large ( also XXL and +).  So what about the average Joe's stuck in the middle? What if they need a little more medium?!

Okay, not sold? Let me give you a perfect example showing the method to my madness.

Many stores' sizes run a little different, but generally when I shop I get a size medium. I'm 5'4", average build, and like my clothes to fit comfortably. My older sister Gus also wears a medium. She is two inches shorter than me and has a slightly different build, but is a medium.

HOWEVER, borrowing each other's clothes is where the trouble ensues. We switch dresses sometimes and the ones that are too short on me are the perfect length on her. I can't get a large though because I know it would be too baggy everywhere else. I find myself saying, "AH I just wish this medium was a little bit longer." Now with tops, I will put on a medium and be like, " WOW I look great!" Then when I give it to her, it's too tight in the bosom area. And for those days when it's us ladies' "time of the month," trust me, we all need a little extra room.

Smalls are sometimes a little too small and larges a little too large. Yet, what do we do when the medium doesn't work either?

"Extra Medium (XM), for those days when you're feeling a little extra medium." *holds up coffee cup with slightly creepy grin*

Til next time,


Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I reach into my carton of Goldfish to discover two things: I am  running low on supplies as well as creative juices.

Well shit. *pours another glass of Franzia*

I decide to search social media for some inspiration. ( I know, I know, wrong move.) AND BOY WAS I DISAPPOINTED. Facebook reminded me, "Two years ago today, you shared a great memory on Instagram." Yeah, well that "great memory" was a picture of my unfaithful ex who made my life a living hell.

Can I get some more wine up in here??

...yet as I calmed down from the frustration and sarcastic remarks spewing from my brain, I realized it gave me some inspiration.

That post caused me to reflect on all that I have accomplished in these last couple of years. The good, the bad, the gains, the losses, etc. After that, I found myself feeling pretty high. I have come a long way. I now know who my true friends are, I have a current boyfriend who genuinely loves me for who I am, and I have developed a work ethic that I didn't even know was possible. I've grown a lot in these past two-three years.

So for all you out there, pay attention to those memories F-book throws at yas. It might give you a little inspiration- even if you weren't looking.

Til next time,


Friday, September 16, 2016

School Pants

To all the dress-code-wearing kiddos out there, I really hope I was able to help you find school pants that you look and feel great in at American Eagle Outfiters. However.. Now that Labor has passed the I feel the need to finally express my thoughts on school pants.

"Hi guys! Can I help you find anything today?" 
"Yes actually, I'm looking for school pants."' 

I cringe even as I type this. As a sales associate my number one priority is to get the customers leaving the store with a smile on their faces because they found exactly what they were looking for. Unfortunately, that has been nearly IMPOSSIBLE when it comes to school pants. *shivers*

They have been on sale and fully in stock for July and most of August. Naturally though, the best and most sensible time for people to get them is three-seven days before school starts. The majority of khakis were gone at this point, and apparently it's not cool to wear navy pants to school anymore? Yeah I don't understand either. Angry parents and sulking teen have been haunting my dreams for a good month now. One of my managers (J. Firmin) actually starting using the phrase as a cynical adjective. "Ugh, this day is so school pants." "Did you see the new girl he is talking to? Sooo school pants." Her humor always gets us through.

So as I head to work today I only have one thought on my mind: I hope the school pants saga is over. But if you are reading this and do indeed need school pants, please do not be discouraged and do come to us. I'm just ranting. At the end of the day, our goal is to help you. 

#WeAllCan (even with school pants)

Til next time,


Saturday, September 3, 2016


September is here, and it has officially hit me that I am no longer a student. I am an “adult.” Living in lala land all summer was nice and waking up into this reality is hitting hard. Some of us may be off to new cities, starting graduate school, or like me, living with mom and dad. Not paying rent is very helpful and I know how lucky I am, but I can’t help feeling stuck. Following my dreams of being a successful actor seems to be slipping through the palms of my sweaty hands. 
Like many of you out there, I am overwhelmed with debt. Going to a nice private university was great and all, but paying it back is more than I bargained for. So instead of living in the Big Apple and auditioning for everything and anything, I am now working two jobs, and trying not to lose my mind. Coffee helps. A lot. And so does eating a carton of Goldfish before bed. 
Artistic outlets are hard to balance/get right now. I am working on a local production with amazing people, I color daily, and of course this - writing. My advice to all is to take advantage of opportunities like these, and also any left over food you can get your hands on. Oh and watch Stranger Things. #TeamBarb
Well I guess this is growing up. 
Til next time,